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Kitesurfer, Digital Nomad, Podcaster, Lifehacker & DNX Founder

"Shaping the future of work, meeting other cultures
and making the world a better place is my greatest passion."

The Ultimate Freedom: Kitesurfing in Brazil


Live life 2 the max!

Living as a location independent entrepreneur has brought tons of vibrancy, abundance and fulfillment into my life. Sharing this abundance, I strive to enable 13 Million people to break free from the conventional system and unfold their real potential.

This is why I started the global DNX movement together with
my girlfriend and DNX cofounder Felicia Hargarten.
DNX enables you to work from anywhere and regain the freedom to decide on your jobs, your time, and your life.

Global DNX Movement

The DNX movement gives you back the ownership of your life!

DNX ☆ Digital Nomad Conference

DNX is the the annual global event #1 for Digital Nomads in different spots all over the world.

DNX CAMP ☆ Coliving and Coworking

Coliving and Coworking in the most beautiful spots on this planet with other location independent entrepreneurs and freelancers.


Join our free DNX Facebook Community to connect with thousands of like-minded people from all over the world.


Check out the best tools, apps and services for Digital Nomads toto run their businesses from anywhere in the world.


I am the host of the DNX podcast “LIFE HACKZ” which gives you the best tools and hackz for a fulfilled life.

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  • Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

    Mark Twain


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